Tuesday, 23 February 2010

pros and semi pros entering in march!

after releasing the details of the new categories i was introducing into the philli stable the emails having been none stop! im going to release all names next week when every1 is confirmed but so far its looking like around 10-12 new players will be joining...and let me tell you there pretty good already and i know they will develop their skills massively through this stable.

most of them are going for the semi pro category with around 50% wanting to move up to pro once their uni years have finished/to see if they enjoy it to do full time.

the deals!

all the deals are now completed and i know what every1 will be offered. this will also be released on here next week when every1 has agreed to them. i personally think the deal is so sik and will deffs keep all players happy and return me some £.

changing rooms: the office is going to get changed around a lot. the big oval table will be moved to the side and 4-5 1 person desks will be brought in. this will give people more of their own space if they use desktops or just dont want to share a table.

balancing act: wow i rly cant beleive im going to take so many new players on. most are living in the north east but a few of them are at uni as far away as london. im going to have to perfect a routine where every1 gets something daily and no 1 feels like they are getting the short straw. iv deffs made some mistakes this past month with a few players but i just havnt been myself and sometimes in life you just cba. i now promise this wont happen again. every1 will have as much support and help from me as i can possibly give.

new sites: iv managed to get a new site for the players. this will be an option once their one month into 100nl. i have 2 more sites trying to sort stuff out for me so there will deffs be a good mix of sites for players to chose from. this will also spread the players out so they are not bumping into one another all day long.

new players: their are still 4 days until i stop taking on new players. i really need and want to stress tht even if you work full time or cant commit to it for a month or 2 i rly dont mind. i will not be taking on anymore players for at least 3-4 months and i might decide by then that im happy with 10-20 players and need no more. pls get intouch with me asap if you want in and it can all be sorted.

updates on the past week:

all the players have put in good volume and are showing upswings. barron has deffinately moved on from his devastating week and is killing the game. the hard work is paying off. had a visit from jobling this weekend. was good to have all the players in one room so they could talk about hands etc.

as always thanks for reading.


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