Tuesday, 2 March 2010


ok the trial is over and the deal has been finalised..

signed up and raring to go in the pro stable are:

andy carlin
neil barron
miles mckenzie
alex jobling

all have had a interesting trial which there has been many ups and downs. i think they have a good understanding of whats ahead. im very happy with the deal i offered them and when they all said yes i now know the deal is also good for the players.

whats to come:

back on the grind

the players have to play alot of hands every month to stay as pro in the philli stable, i think the hands are acheivable playing a few hours everyday 5 days a week. hopefully they will all learn alot, progress alot and make some money along the way. this is just going to add to experience of the game and make them better players.


this is a cash game backing stable but tournaments are happening very often. they are all gtd the dtd £340 every month for just doing the hands. they are also on a profit % back which means the more they profit the more they play. im not going to put the full deal up on here but im sure they will be happy to talk and explain it to you.


had so many people asking to join the stable now, im really pleased they have and am sure they will succeed in the trial and be comfortable members of the stable. once the players are confirmed they will be starting throughout this month. 4-5 at a time every 10 days. im going to pick the players randomly for their start dates...unless someone says they cant start until late march etc.

as always ty for taking time out to read this, any questions or applications please send to jonnyismad@hotmail.com


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