Friday, 12 March 2010

Its a cash game stable!

ok when i put out the new categories of the stable i expected alot of players to apply and ask to be backed and coached in SnGs...this didnt happen and im delighted.

cash games for me is the catalyst of poker and there isnt really any end to the growth in your game and the limits. iv never cared for SnGs as i feel i have more freedom with cash. i also think it gives you more individualism, so you can create more of your own playing style.

i personally have always played 6 max cash games online and thats what im making the players play. i feel that you get to play position alot more and be able to play alot more pots because of it, therefore you see so many more hands and situations that your game can improve quicker.

ive decided to cut off any SnG backing that i was offering, im glad most people see cash as the correct route and am going to concentrate on that as im going to have a set coaching sheet which all new players will go by. im also creating videos atm for players to be able to look back on if their stuck in a session. gives them a quick recap of why we do what we do and what you can do in certain situations. i think this will help the players but also free up more of my time, i wont have to keep teaching the same thing to the same players as the video will always be on their desktop to glimpse back onto.

for my players as well i have cardrunners, deuces cracked and bluefire accounts for them to watch when here. this is good as it shows how other players are playing and how they handle certain situations. like ive said to many people who have asked me for help or asked how i improved is if you have a spare 30 mins watch a video, read a mag, look over some hands or talk to some poker players...invaluable!

as always thanks for reading!

Gaz "Papa Skipper" Walker


My name is Gaz (sunday name Gareth, call me Gary and you might be on the receiving end of some abuse) "Papa Skipper Balla Shipper" Walker. I have just joined the semi-pro section of the stable.

I have been playing poker for around 3 years, I like to play both live tournies and cash but definitely have more success in the later. I'm a regular at Aspers £1/2 and most tournaments and also play some games outside the region, albeit infrequently.

I've been at the house many times, I consider all the lads friends and Jon recently asked me if I considered joining. I thought about it long and hard as I have a crazy busy life but wanted to give it a shot. So have set some time aside and will give it all I have.

The main reason of doing this is to improve my online game. I rarely play online so my game is definitely lacking the experience of playing many tables on line.

I think with Jon's expert tutelage and my love of the game he can mold me into a successful all rounder, making money for both of us, weeeeeeeeeeee :)

I'd like to move from 50nl to 100nl within 3 months and play some decent MTT's this year and make a big score in one of these.

Lots of love,

Skip x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nathan 'B0llbag' McKinney

Hi all,

McKinney here as you will see I'm joining the stable in the semi pro level, as I'm at uni full time and work in aspers 4 nights a week I think that this level will suit me best.

Ive been playing poker for nearly 3 years and never played in a casino until I came to uni in September 2008, where I became hooked on Texas hold'em. I have never had a proper on-line grind before until I decided to ask Jon to join the stable. My on-line game consisted of zero BRM, where I was playing way out of my roll. I would build my roll up then spunk it all away.

My reasons for joining the stable; to improve my game live and on-line, to take in all the info that Jon and all the other stable members can offer me, I want to gain some form of BRM.

Targets I want to reach while I'm in the stable; hopefully move from 50nl to 100nl within 3 months, play in some of the bigger buy in games at DDT and Bink a big cash in one or two, move from the semi pro to pro level of the stable (and jack in uni lol).

Anyway hopefully in the next few months I can reach these goals and make some monies for Jon and myself.

Shiip it bitches

Peace out

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Andrew "Andrizu" Harrison

Bonjour lads,

My name is Andrew Harrison and I have recently joined the semi pro section of the stable. I have been at the house for the past few days and I must say the set-up and the lads are all ace, and the coaching and experience I have received even in these first couple of days has been great.

Basically, I have been playing poker in the North east for around 3 years, and ive always wanted to have the chance to receive some tips and help with both my on-line game and live games, so really this was a no brainer for me. And from what I have seen Jon seems like guy to receive coaching off.

I look forward to really striving to improve my game, and hopefully making a success out of this venture.

As most people know I have a full time job, so I will try my best to mix both this poker venture and my working life as best I can.

My aims for this year:-

- Attempt to become a pro member and grind out a constant steady profit
- Hopefully bink a big cash in a large MTT
- Attempt to play more big events [DTD etc]

So, in the words of Marvin Gaye, Lets get it ONNNNNNNNNNN!


Mwah xoxoxox

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


ok the trial is over and the deal has been finalised..

signed up and raring to go in the pro stable are:

andy carlin
neil barron
miles mckenzie
alex jobling

all have had a interesting trial which there has been many ups and downs. i think they have a good understanding of whats ahead. im very happy with the deal i offered them and when they all said yes i now know the deal is also good for the players.

whats to come:

back on the grind

the players have to play alot of hands every month to stay as pro in the philli stable, i think the hands are acheivable playing a few hours everyday 5 days a week. hopefully they will all learn alot, progress alot and make some money along the way. this is just going to add to experience of the game and make them better players.


this is a cash game backing stable but tournaments are happening very often. they are all gtd the dtd £340 every month for just doing the hands. they are also on a profit % back which means the more they profit the more they play. im not going to put the full deal up on here but im sure they will be happy to talk and explain it to you.


had so many people asking to join the stable now, im really pleased they have and am sure they will succeed in the trial and be comfortable members of the stable. once the players are confirmed they will be starting throughout this month. 4-5 at a time every 10 days. im going to pick the players randomly for their start dates...unless someone says they cant start until late march etc.

as always ty for taking time out to read this, any questions or applications please send to


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

pros and semi pros entering in march!

after releasing the details of the new categories i was introducing into the philli stable the emails having been none stop! im going to release all names next week when every1 is confirmed but so far its looking like around 10-12 new players will be joining...and let me tell you there pretty good already and i know they will develop their skills massively through this stable.

most of them are going for the semi pro category with around 50% wanting to move up to pro once their uni years have finished/to see if they enjoy it to do full time.

the deals!

all the deals are now completed and i know what every1 will be offered. this will also be released on here next week when every1 has agreed to them. i personally think the deal is so sik and will deffs keep all players happy and return me some £.

changing rooms: the office is going to get changed around a lot. the big oval table will be moved to the side and 4-5 1 person desks will be brought in. this will give people more of their own space if they use desktops or just dont want to share a table.

balancing act: wow i rly cant beleive im going to take so many new players on. most are living in the north east but a few of them are at uni as far away as london. im going to have to perfect a routine where every1 gets something daily and no 1 feels like they are getting the short straw. iv deffs made some mistakes this past month with a few players but i just havnt been myself and sometimes in life you just cba. i now promise this wont happen again. every1 will have as much support and help from me as i can possibly give.

new sites: iv managed to get a new site for the players. this will be an option once their one month into 100nl. i have 2 more sites trying to sort stuff out for me so there will deffs be a good mix of sites for players to chose from. this will also spread the players out so they are not bumping into one another all day long.

new players: their are still 4 days until i stop taking on new players. i really need and want to stress tht even if you work full time or cant commit to it for a month or 2 i rly dont mind. i will not be taking on anymore players for at least 3-4 months and i might decide by then that im happy with 10-20 players and need no more. pls get intouch with me asap if you want in and it can all be sorted.

updates on the past week:

all the players have put in good volume and are showing upswings. barron has deffinately moved on from his devastating week and is killing the game. the hard work is paying off. had a visit from jobling this weekend. was good to have all the players in one room so they could talk about hands etc.

as always thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

week 3 and plans.

ok sorry about not updating this for over 2 weeks now! been so busy with other things and just havnt had the time or energy to bother with it...MY BAD!

ok so unfortunately i had to let howard go and buzz decided he wanted to go it alone. glglglgl

im going to be doing new things regarding the stable next month. obviously by then i will have learnt what is what with running one of these things, make sure everything is in order and im sure for the next lot who come in it will be an easier, more enjoyable experience. this is the first time iv backed people full time so it was a learning curve for both me and the players. with only 2 people leaving the stable threw choice i dont think its gone all tht bad!

ok so across the 2 weeks we showed a profit of just under £500, this is a very small number but considering i wasnt here, andy played 1 day, bdawg went on a sick downswing, milo decided not to grind and joblin did a tad bit i cant really complain. was just a bad week for us all and i take full responsibility for comes first! but were back now, big first day back yesterday and upswings here we come!

ok so plans for march regarding new players:

im going to have 3 seperate stable blocks!

the pro stable: this is whats going on now, players are full time and get cash game backing live and online, tournament backing live and online and full time coaching from me, with some of the UKs best players coming in to coach them! details will be released at the beginning of march on how their deal works and what they have to do to get it.

the semi pro stable: this is for people who like to do their own thing but want to learn a bit more and start to take poker more seriously. say you have a job but would put alot of your spare time into progressing in poker. you would be backed for online cash, live cash, online tournis and live tournis. the more you earn in the cash games...the more tournaments you get put into. you would have to come to the house 2-3 times a week max, get alot of the perks the pros do but progression would be slower. its also a good chance for you to decide if you want to go pro.

the part time stable: this is for players who just want to play a little, come and get coached by me and be bankrolled. if you wanted to play sngs or cash games its fine. you wont get many perks but you would be coached by friends of mine who specialise in your chosen field. these would progress your game and hopefully make us small but consistant profits along the way. it also gives you the chance to decide if you want to go semi pro and take poker a little more seriously.

regarding the full time stable, alex jobling, neil barron, andy carlin and miles mckenzie. they are all committed to this (i hope) which means come march 1st they will be pro stable members and start to take on the live and online poker circuit, have regular trips to dtd, be heavily rolled for online and LIVE cash games and start receiving coaching from some of the sickest players in the many people know about me im a hu cash game player and i dont bother much with any other game. so i can only take them so far when it comes to 6 max cash games...but the coaches i have coming in crush 100nl-5000nl so theyll be in good hands!

if any 1 wants to be in any of the stables and has an idea or plan they have wanted to do but havnt been able to please contact me by pm on the npf or add me to msn or email me @ let me know what you want from poker, time you can dedicate to this and wht your ideal plan would pretty much up for anything! i rly want some good new keen players to join at one of the even if you can only devote 8 hours a week to poker thts fine, a deal can be worked around it!

thanks for reading!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Week 2-getting better

well what an interesting week. most of the players put in a full week. if it wasnt for cracked teeth, burst appendixes and horses leaving it would have been great.

2 horses have left the stable:

mark "spoona" brewis. mark left as his future isnt in poker its in the police. this is something hes wanted to do for a while and his dream of getting into the police is getting closer. so he saw it as a waste of time working alot of hours in something which will show large rewards in the long run but small rewards in the short run. i cant do anything but respect his decision and wish him the best. big shame hes left but he gotta do what he gotta do.

sam "samj" jams: sam basically never got into this from the start. putting in small days and not turning up alot showed that his heart wasnt in it. sam plans to carry on as normal playing as a hobby rather than job. sams heart lies in mtts and sngs. which in the stable he would have been playing in 2-3 months time, but for the next 2-3 months its cash game heavy. so yet again fair play to sam and glglglglglgl.

when i first set this stable up i realised 2-3 people wouldnt make it to march which is why i had the trial period. it would mean i wouldnt have any hard feelings towards people dropping out as this 6 weeks was to show them what would be involved and if they liked it.

6 horses still here

ok the figures. including samj and spoonas early week day or 2 grind the figures are:

profit: £540. this is a total for the stable.

mark and sam were down on the week in there 1 day of grind and the only other loser was james "brickontheriver" howard. hes been running incred bad and was having a few problems getting a few things. but now hes put a ton of hours in and is playing near perfect i have high hopes for him this week/month.

this month is going to be a tough month for the players. they have to do 120 hours of grindage and really concentrate on whats going on around them.

well until next time.tytytyty for following the stable.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

slow and annoying week 1

ok this is just going to be a short blogging as not alot happened in the first week. it was full of accounts being locked to be verified, vc managers having babys (literally) and half the stable going to manchester for a forum team event...

numbers wise:

minutes: 4947
hands: 46125
profit/loss -266

these numbers are so irrelevant. having literally a 1/5 week means tht nothing was really done properly. this week every1 is here grinding so by sunday i will have posted a proper blog with all the numbers and how the week has gone.

also pictures of the house will be posted soon.

thanks for following


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Neil "BDAWG" Barron

Firstly, can I just point out I'm lazy and DGAF so don't hold any expectations when reading my s**t.I've been playing poker since 1996, but really got into it properly whilst at uni from 99-03.

My online introduction came throught some iffy beta based play chip poker site which I forget the name of. after learning my craft on their I found cardrooms springing up like paradise poker, pokerstars and UB. I played these for a few years during uni to pay the tuition fees to not attend classes!Said fees were also paid for by stanley casinos £20 NLHE & PLHE rebuys on thursdays fridays and sundays where the pots were in excess of £4k almost every night. Good times, good times.

After uni I turned my hand to playing poker near enough full time by grinding partypoker and later ladbrokes (whilst paul jackson was just starting to tear up the tables there). Although I was successful I didnt see it as a sustainable income at the time and so 12 months later I joined the rat race and got a job.

I spent 3 months in 2006 living in vegas grinding out wins @ $1-2 & mostly $2-5 NLHE. Greatest experience of my life and something I would love a second shot at. I have since made 5 more trips to Sin city with hopefully many more to come.

Ive always been a better cash game player than tourney player but I have been working on my tourney game as I see potential to get some nice monies one day from shipping a biggie. Ive had some deep runs in online tourneys without ever hitting the huge score, recently finishing 50th in the Mirrions / 8700+ players.

It will be real good for me to get back to my roots of grinding cash games, and hopefully reach new levels. Jon has kindly taken it upon his 'broad' shoulders to make sure I get my cash game back on track and moving forward hopefully becoming a full-time cash game winning player. Jon has an enormous vat of experience and has some top friends to draw on when advice is required. You cant say fairer than that when looking for a coach.



Andy 'Irishandy' Carlin


Im Andy Carlin and i am shit at poker. I am a robot for Jon Lundy. I earn him millions in rakeback. I come around to his house and get abuse all day every day. They even tried to drop me off at the caravan park. Ballbags. One day i hope to work in Asda because i like pushing trolleys.

Poker wise i play a lot of live poker and a ton of online mtts. I do well in the live cash games but have never really mastered online cash. I plan to learn many things from being in the stable but mainly how to just win consistantly at each level. I think being in a office filled with the other players will benefit my game as its a relaxed environment and being able to talk over hands is obviously a huge advantage.

My aims for the year are:
  • Show a consistant profit at online cash
  • Get to or close to playing 200nl
  • Win some more online and live mtts
  • Get a ton of experience both online and on the live circuit in the bigger games


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Alex "J10BLN" Jobling


I am Alex "J10BLN" Jobling.

I am currently 20 years old and have been playing poker since I was 14.
I am most renowned for refusing to chop heads up heads up in the DTD Deepstack in December, I insisted we played on for the £11k.
I classed myself as a professional last year however I am now attending university in Nottingham. Last year I was sponsorred by for the most part. I began grinding SNGs after my first initial win which was $3k. I used this as a roll for $30 - $50 SNGs and I profited well from them with the help of 30% RB on FTP.
The full background of my poker career is covered in this interview with

The win this interview refers to is most definitely my greatest poker acheivement to date and I am hoping to build on this.
When asked, I didn't need to give much thought to joining the stable, this is the perfect opportunity for anyone to improve their game and to find a way forward in poker. I am an inexperienced cash player and I usually specialise in playing 10 - 30BBs deep poker. There was very little chance of me moving forward in the cash game world without an opportunity such as this.

I plan to mix university and poker as best I can, this may involve fewer nights out than the average student.
I have met the other stable members long before this a;; begun and I think every member has the potential to make it big in poker.

As for my background online I have had relatively good success so far; Link to my Pkt 5s profiles can be found below:

Hopefully working with Jon we all can learn to beat each level and make a good wage for ourselves.

See you at the tables

Friday, 15 January 2010

Milo "McSnort" Mckenzie

Im Milo, from Harrogate, 20 years old, currently staying at jon's (was at newcastle uni, but not anymore). Im mostly a plo player and have been playing plo100 for the past couple of years. I also play tourneys every now and then and that is probably the reason i have never moved up from plo100 as i suck bad at them, sigh.
Started playing poker around aged 15 when i saw a WPT episode on TV, remember gus hansen as one of the players so i guess he could be one of the reasons i got into poker. Played nlhe on and off until i was 18 then i found the beautiful game of plo, where i ran like god and so just kept with it. Much better game than the boring piece of shit NLHE, but i guess im gonna have to play some for this stable.
My poker heroes are hitthehole (obv), Jon Lundy as is he amazing and i aspire to be him in every way...lols and timex, hes just awesome, sick life.

From this experience i hope to get to a level where i can just own 1/2 nlhe which shouldnt be hard with our excellent mentor and get a good grind mentality for poker, as well as hopefully a tidy little profit.


The Philli Stable


welcome to The Philli Stable blog. this is a new stable tht is starting on march the 1st with a 40 trial from monday the 18th jan - 27th feb. the trial month isnt a bankroll yourself to see if you get in the stable trial. i will be bankrolling all players and if they do whats required they will be in The Philli Stable.

i have aquired a 5 bedroom house for the players to partially live in, work in and relax in. its located in houghton-le-spring and the area is called Philidelphia hence the name "The Philli Stable".

the house boasts:



room 1: small office on your left as you walk in the door. gona use this as a chill out office/if im doing my own grind and need to concentrate.
room 2: downstairs toilet
room 3: brand new kitchen, black granite, underfloor heaters, everything built in etc.
room 4: utility room, standard storage space, washer/dryer and fridge/freezer
room 5: small room orig used as 2nd lounge but is going to become the games room.
room 6: conservatory. big conservatory...aka the smoking room for the 2 filthy stable members.
garden: big garden, hardly any grass, ton of decking, 2 sheds, green house, pond, water feature, outside sitting area with benches in etc.
room 7: the main lounge. originally used as a dining room but is the chillout room. obv filled with electronic recliners, plasmas, computers etc.
room 8: the WAR ROOM, orig used as the main lounge. massive open space, fireplace, 7 foot drop down cinema screen, big conference style table. obv gona be the pit of the house. filled with the grinders and computers.

gonna put some pictures up of the stable members/house in march.


bedroom 1: arch walk way into the main bedroom, walk in wardrobe, ensuite with 5 jet shower.
bedroom 2: large room with built in wardrobes, tv area and ensuite with another 5 jet shower
bedroom 3: medium sized room with ensuite.
bedroom 4: gona turn this into a bedroom/lounge where people can chill in./stay but able to get away from downstairs. this room also has the cctv in where it records footage from the 3 security cameras the house has on the outside....prev owners installed.
bedroom 5: gona be used as a gym....lols.
master bathroom: jacuzzzzzzzzziiiiiiii. large bathroom which obv has a jacuzzi in it...

ok so the stable members doing the 40 day trial to see if they like it/if they can do it. are:

neil "bazz" baron
mark "spoona" brewis
andy "irish andy" carlin
neil "buzz" harvey
james "brickonriver" howard
sam "samj" james
alex "j10bln" jobling
miles "milo/snort4eva" mckenzie

so im gona give all these players $750 bankroll to start the trial with, this is going to be used for 50nl, 6 tables and they have to complete 140 hours before march the 1st. everyday i will withdraw/transfer the profits out of their account/top up their account if they fall short.

once they are officially in the stable the bankroll will probably double. then 1 month down the line if they have consistantly won at 50nl they will go straight to 100nl where they will be for 4 months minimum.

details of profit %, rb%, live backing amounts, online backing amounts, hours, hands, etc will be posted march the 1st as it completely changes from the trial month.

ok thts it for the intro for now. each stable member is gona do a background blog on here. then trhoughout the trial i will update weekly with results etc.