Friday, 12 March 2010

Its a cash game stable!

ok when i put out the new categories of the stable i expected alot of players to apply and ask to be backed and coached in SnGs...this didnt happen and im delighted.

cash games for me is the catalyst of poker and there isnt really any end to the growth in your game and the limits. iv never cared for SnGs as i feel i have more freedom with cash. i also think it gives you more individualism, so you can create more of your own playing style.

i personally have always played 6 max cash games online and thats what im making the players play. i feel that you get to play position alot more and be able to play alot more pots because of it, therefore you see so many more hands and situations that your game can improve quicker.

ive decided to cut off any SnG backing that i was offering, im glad most people see cash as the correct route and am going to concentrate on that as im going to have a set coaching sheet which all new players will go by. im also creating videos atm for players to be able to look back on if their stuck in a session. gives them a quick recap of why we do what we do and what you can do in certain situations. i think this will help the players but also free up more of my time, i wont have to keep teaching the same thing to the same players as the video will always be on their desktop to glimpse back onto.

for my players as well i have cardrunners, deuces cracked and bluefire accounts for them to watch when here. this is good as it shows how other players are playing and how they handle certain situations. like ive said to many people who have asked me for help or asked how i improved is if you have a spare 30 mins watch a video, read a mag, look over some hands or talk to some poker players...invaluable!

as always thanks for reading!


  1. deffo think ya rite about cash game players growing more as players as sngos is 2 rigid in playing styles, only thing is this makes it harder 2 train cash players as u said with all diff styles.Also do think there are types of players who are just not cut out for cash?.vids nd accs seem great ideas looks like players have every tool they need 2 win glgl

  2. also, Stumpy has the sng market cornerd :)

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