Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nathan 'B0llbag' McKinney

Hi all,

McKinney here as you will see I'm joining the stable in the semi pro level, as I'm at uni full time and work in aspers 4 nights a week I think that this level will suit me best.

Ive been playing poker for nearly 3 years and never played in a casino until I came to uni in September 2008, where I became hooked on Texas hold'em. I have never had a proper on-line grind before until I decided to ask Jon to join the stable. My on-line game consisted of zero BRM, where I was playing way out of my roll. I would build my roll up then spunk it all away.

My reasons for joining the stable; to improve my game live and on-line, to take in all the info that Jon and all the other stable members can offer me, I want to gain some form of BRM.

Targets I want to reach while I'm in the stable; hopefully move from 50nl to 100nl within 3 months, play in some of the bigger buy in games at DDT and Bink a big cash in one or two, move from the semi pro to pro level of the stable (and jack in uni lol).

Anyway hopefully in the next few months I can reach these goals and make some monies for Jon and myself.

Shiip it bitches

Peace out

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